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Hiring outlook for Warehouse jobs 🚚

It really does take an army to get a product from one place to another. Companies withing the warehousing, logistics, and transportation industries rely on thousands or employees that hold diverse skill sets.

Positions needed at most warehouses

    Distribution Center Manager

    The Distribution Center Manager is a key role in the successful management of any warehouse. Most all operation related decisions roll up to the Distribution Center Manager or his staff of leaders. The Distribution Center Manager also owns the responsibility of hiring and training a staff of management that will report to them.

    🔎 Which states have the highest salaries for Distribution Center Managers?

    The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) lists the following states and annual salaries as the highest ranking for Distribution Center Manager:

    • District of Columbia:$141,040
    • Delaware:$132,320
    • Rhode Island:$127,240
    • New Jersey:$124,130
    • New York:$120,350

    Inventory Control Manager

    The inventory that lives and moves through a warehouse or a section of a warehouse is critical to overall operations. Inventory being managed, maintained, and moved through the warehouse is the core purpose of all warehousing operations, the Inventory Control Manager oversees this aspect of the business. Inventory Control Managers have a team that reports to them and generally oversees a significant budget related to their responsibilities.

    🔎 Which states hire the most managers in the warehouse industry?

    Warehouse manager employment by state. Source: BLS

    Warehouse Manager employment by state | Source:

    Warehouse Manager

    The person that is responsible for taking in product / goods, making sure that they get to the right area of the warehouse (inventory placement), and dispatching the goods (making sure it leaves the proper place is the Warehouse Manager. In this position you generally operate as a player / coach. Warehouse Managers are responsible for a staff of workers moving products and goods around so safety is a top priority. This person also must be highly organized, they act as a coach of a well orchestrated team.

    🔎 Which states have the most available Warehouse Manager positions?

    Warehouse manager jobs available by state Source: BLS

    Warehouse manager jobs available by state | Source:

    Forklift Operator

    The governement formally categorizes Forklift Operators as "Material Moving and Machine Operators" but it is really much more than that. First and foremost this position requires the use of heavy machinery. That means the operator of the forklift will have to be certified to drive so that they are in compliance with local and state guidelines. Moving goods around the warehouse is the specialty of the Forklift Operator. People, goods, heavy machinery, and tight spaces are all things an operator of a forklift must navigate daily. A warehouse simply does not function without this position.

    🔎 How important is safety as a forklift operator?

    Material Handler

    At the very center of all logistics lives the Material Handler. This position is responsible for the manual picking, moving, and handling of all goods. In some warehouses Material Handlers also use light to medium equipment to move larger items or pallets of goods. While automation has already significantly entered warehouses, the material handler is a much required role. It will be interesting to see how this role evolves over the next ten years.

    🔎 What does the job outlook for Material Handlers look like?

    Package Handler Job Outlook | Source:

    Material Handler job outlook | Source:

    Warehouse Associate

    Packing order, tracking slips, transporting, and stocking. These are just some of the daily duties of a Warehouse associate. Physical stamina is key in this role as it falls under the catergory of general labor. A hard days work is well rewarded knowing that you were key in the process of keeping the global economy running. In addition to being physical able to perform the job other requirements generally include a high school diploma, organizational skills, and the desire to be safe.

    🔎 Did you know that not all warehouse jobs are in warehouse only businesses?

    Warehouse associate top places of employment

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