Picking up a part time job is a great way to increase your income. Part-time jobs are roles that require less than 30 hours per week. Depending on your experience, you can find a lot of types of part time jobs. This list reviews some of the easiest part time jobs. A handful of opportunities are perfect for people with weekend availability while other jobs are particularly flexible. There are positions that you can do from the comfort of your own home and others that you can sign up for and start tomorrow!

So whether you are a student who needs to balance her studies, or a parent who has children in school, review this list of easy part time jobs if you’re trying to increase your income without working too hard. It is still important to consider the time commitment for every job and find a job that aligns with your skills and experience.

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There is a wide variety of part time jobs in this list. Each requires a different set of skills. Do not forget that an ‘easy’ job is determined by the person doing it. An easy job to one individual could be difficult for another without the same skills.

Let’s dive in.

Customer Service / Support Representative

One of the most common online, work-from-home jobs, customer service representatives communicate with customers primarily via email or phone. They utilize a variety of software tools to navigate customer accounts, research policies, and communicate effective solutions in a fast paced environment. This job is flexible since many companies offer 24 hour support and need employees working at all hours. Technology enables you to do this job from your home computer making it a great part time job if you have kids. Customer service roles vary significantly from resolving orders over the phone to troubleshooting technology bugs for online consumers. Payscale pegs the median salary just over $14 per hour.

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Brand Ambassador

If you are looking to pick up work on the weekend, becoming a brand ambassador could be a good choice. The goal of a brand ambassador is to generate sales and brand awareness through product demonstrations and customer engagement. With an enthusiastic attitude and experience in sales or customer service, you will likely find success as a brand ambassador. A typical brand ambassador will be asked to engage with shoppers by providing expertise, samples, or demonstrations at a retail location such as a grocery store. Many roles have hours during the busy weekend shopping rush. In a full-time role, brand ambassadors average about $32,000 per year according to Glassdoor’s estimate.

Here are some amazing brand ambassador jobs available on www.search.jobs:

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Why not put your unique skills to work? Oftentimes, people and companies have quick tasks like making a presentation or unique projects like designing a logo, but can’t hire a full time employee. You can put your skills to work as a part time freelancer using websites like UpWork, Fiverr, or 99Designs (for designers). People hire freelancers for a wide range of tasks so how much you make as a freelancer is typically determined by your experience and how much you charge. Looking for ideas on what you could do as a freelancer? Try something like social media strategy, website design, copy writing, or virtual assistance.

High Pay Amazon Warehouse Jobs Hiring Now

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Amazon warehouses offer great positions that come with flexible hours, industry leading pay, and benefits. Imagine telling your friends that you work for Amazon. These positions just might be the foot in the door that you have been looking for.

Data Entry

A great part time job to do on top of your main job or if you need flexible hours, data entry jobs are readily accessible. The general requirement is typing quickly and accurately. A few companies that hire online data entry workers are Scribie and Amazon’s mechanical turk. According to many online job descriptions, companies are looking for someone with a high school degree and working knowledge of word processors and spreadsheet tools. Some data entry jobs pay on a project basis and others on the hour. Also, since data entry is a typical online job, you will also find many job scams for data entry work. Never pay or provide sensitive data if you are not certain of the legitimacy of the job.

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Appointment Setter

Being an appointment setter is a solid part-time opportunity for someone with good communication skills. An appointment setter’s job is to call businesses and individuals, encouraging them to set a meeting with a sales representative. It often involves cold calling or following up with people who have expressed interest. You’ll need to understand the product and be able to determine the customers needs. The salary for this position varies, but will often include commission and minimum sales goals.

Rideshare Driver

You probably have used Uber or Lyft at least once. Well, both companies are always enrolling new drivers. You can join the rideshare economy by downloading either app on your phone. You’ll need a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and a 4 door vehicle that is newer than 10 years old. The best part of this job is clocking in and clocking out whenever you want. It might be the most flexible job available and extremely easy to get started.

Jobs with Uber, Doordash, Instacart and more are hiring right now:

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House Sitter

It does not get much easier than house sitting. You can either pick up one off gigs or you can sign up on a service like housesitter.com and find a continuous gig. The easiest job is when you simply need to look over a property while the owner is away, making sure it is safe and secure. If you're up for more, some owners are looking for people to take out trash, watch vacant houses, let out pets, and even do lawn work.

Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

There’s an app for that! Actually, there are multiple apps such as Wag and Rover that let you get hired to walk or care for pets while owners are busy or not around. Pet sitting can vary from caring for pets at your own house or the owner’s. Some jobs will be one short walk every day while others will be a week of full care. Animal lovers shouldn’t hesitate to grab their smartphones and sign up on a gig app today.

School Monitor

For those looking for new day-time work, consider becoming a school monitor. You will need good supervisory skills and be able to maintain discipline. Of course, you’ll need to be able to work well and communicate with children. School monitors may be in charge of hallways, buses, lunch rooms, or class rooms. Wherever they are, school monitors ensure order and provide safety. Using Payscale’s estimate, you can expect to make between $9 and $15 per hour as a school monitor.


Patience is not just a virtue, it’s a requirement for being a tutor. A part time tutor position is perfect for someone who enjoys teaching, but is not ready or interested in being a full time teacher. You can find part time tutor jobs through networking, Tutors.com, or VarsityTutors.com. You can tutor students from grade school through college, and anything from topics, to classes, to test preparation. Pay can vary from $20 up to $60 an hour depending on the topic and experience of the tutor.

Delivery Driver

A reliable car and driver’s license are a good start to getting a part time job as a delivery driver. You can pick up and deliver food for services such as GrubHub and DoorDash or drop off packages for services like Amazon. Some of these services allow you to drive on your own schedule. Other perks might include roadside assistance and auto insurance discounts.

Warehouse Jobs

Working in a warehouse might not seem like an "easy" part time job but easy is a relative term. Some people find jobs that include math and science "easy" while those same people would find it difficult to pick up a tool and create something from scratch.

Warehouse jobs have shifts to meet everyone's needs because they are open at all hours of the day for shipments.

Working in warehousing means that you can work part time of full time for some of the greatest companies in America.

Imagine getting high pay, working the hours you want, and getting benefits from companies like:


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The Home Depot

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Search Warehouse Jobs and find the latest warehouse jobs available. Search warehouse jobs by company, salary, distance, and more. Search and apply now!


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Search Warehouse Jobs and find the latest warehouse jobs available. Search warehouse jobs by company, salary, distance, and more. Search and apply now!

Fitness Instructor

It’s the job of a fitness instructor to lead and motivate people through exercises. They work with people of all ages and skill levels. If you already go to workout classes or the gym a lot, you are a small step away from becoming a part time fitness instructor. Many yoga studios have teachers who teach as a second job and only teach one or two classes a week. Other people use their love of working out to build plans and coach individuals on how to execute weight training. Be warned, this is a skilled position and it takes serious dedication to be a good fitness coach.

Newspaper Delivery

Believe it or not, people still get the newspaper delivered and someone has to deliver it. If you are looking for a part-time job with morning hours, newspaper delivery could be for you. Depending on your commitment, you could easily work a full 20 hours as a newspaper delivery driver. Check your local newspaper’s website for job opportunities.

Parking Attendant

Even though many parking garages accept credit cards, they still have someone there to accept cash and oversee the operations of a parking garage. A part time job as a parking attendant is one of the easiest jobs you can get to put some money in your pocket. Better yet, a job as a valet can give you the opportunity to drive some really cool cars and make tips from customers. Valet parking can be particularly busy on the weekends for those looking for a job working around weekday schedules.

Restaurant Host or Hostess

You can get a part time job as a restaurant host or hostess with little to no experience in the hospitality industry. A good track record with customer service and an enjoyable attitude will make you a great candidate for being a restaurant host. Along with seating guests, responsibilities include answering phone calls and taking reservations. A hostess may also support other staff members by assisting with bussing or serving duties. As a host, you should be prepared to be on your feet for extended periods of time and move around the restaurant frequently.


Not just anyone can get a job as a bartender, but many bartender jobs are part time and a great way to make some cash. Much of a bartender’s compensation comes from tips. A bartender’s responsibility is to mix and serve drinks to customers. They must have knowledge of a range of drinks and the menu where they work. Bartenders work in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and other food service establishments. Additional efforts might include serving food, washed glasses, preparing garnishes, and maintaining inventory.

A few tips for getting a part time job

  • Many part time jobs are not advertised online. There are tons of small business owners who hire by word of mouth alone. So if you are looking for a part time job, start with some of your favorite local businesses.
  • Consider your availability. Many part time jobs are great for those looking for flexibility or a specific set of hours. Just because the jobs listed above are easier than most, does not mean you should not take them seriously.
  • Try out the gig market. There are gig job apps appearing all the time. From walking dogs to delivering food, the gig economy is a great way to make cash on the side with minimum commitment. The freelance marketplaces like Fiverr provide a great opportunity for quick tasks or full projects. As a freelancer, you can set your own hours and commitments according to your client agreements.
  • Warehouse jobs are great part time positions because they offer flexible shift options and high pay. The pay at a warehouse job can start at $15 / hour. Check out all of our warehouse jobs on the warehouse job search page.